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Trends and Updates in Using Information

Session coordinator: Jiří Kadleček, Albertina icome Praha s.r.o., Czech Republic

Where: 28. 5. 2009, 8.30 - 12.10, Vencovsky Aula

Value of Elsevier Electronic Data

Autor: Alberto Rodriguez-Zapata, Elsevier, the Netherlands


Since 1580 Elsevier publishes content for the higher education and research community, making it available via platforms known as the most reliable and having the best features in the world. Among other products you can find Scopus database in our portfolio. Covering the world’s research literature, Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature and quality Web sources with smart tools to track analyze and visualize research. Scopus was designed and developed with over 500 users and librarians internationally. Its unique database contains abstracts and references from over 15,000 peer-reviewed journals from 4,000 publishers worldwide, ensuring broad interdisciplinary coverage. In addition, Scopus not only offers users citation information about the articles covered, but also directly integrates Web and patent searches. Direct links to full-text articles, library resources and other applications like reference management software, make Scopus quicker, easier and more comprehensive to use than any other literature research tool. For more information about Scopus please visit

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Daniela Birová, Mária Žitňanská, Oleg Cvik, Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information, Slovak Republic