Detailed information for speakers

Licence agreement

The first author of the accepted paper must be willing to sign the „Licence agreement granting the use of a contribution at the INFORUM 2017 conference” and is entitled to register to the conference free of charge as a VIP participant. The organizer is not entitled to any compensation whatsoever for travel expenses, for subsistence or accommodation etc.

Fulltext submitting for the conference proceedings

The full-text of your paper will be published on the INFORUM 2017 website.
Paper length: 3–15 pages + annexes
Paper & speech language: English (or Czech or Slovak)
Fulltext formats: DOC (MS Word) or PDF, to be sent by e-mail (
Deadline of full text submission: May 9, 2017
Submitting guidelines (download)

PowerPoint Presentations

The preferred way is to send us a copy of your PowerPoint presentation latest by May 16, 2017 by e-mail to (please compress the file, do not forget to save fonts in case you use some more special ones). This will allow us to check it and pre-install it to the presentation server. However, please do not forget to take also a backup copy on a USB flash disc with you or even transparencies … just in case.

Guidelines for presentations

The actual time of your session will be confirmed, but we recommend that you prepare a 20 minute presentation, which will allow for a further 5 minutes of Q&A at the end of your allocated time.

During the break before your speech please do not forget to check your pre-installed presentation in the auditorium and get in touch with your session chairman. Conference session timing is always crucial. Therefore you are kindly asked to arrive well before your session begins and especially to strictly adhere to the time frame of your speech and any instructions given by the session chair.

Room set up

The conference will provide presentation rooms with a data projector, overhead projector, computer (PC with DVD-ROM drive, Windows, MS Office, incl. PowerPoint, internet connection) wired microphone and presenter’s table. Your presentation will be preinstalled there and tested jointly with you. On-site technicians will be available to troubleshoot any equipment problems you may have. Using your own laptop is unfortunately not possible.


Please visit support page for poster authors.

Registration for the Conference

Acceptance of your proposal does not automatically register you as a conference participant. Please be sure to complete and return your personal conference registration form to us as soon as possible.

Registration hours


The full-text of your paper will be published on the INFORUM 2017 website (online proceedings). For examples of papers from previous years of INFORUM conference, look at conference proceedings archive.
English version of conference proceedings: ISSN 1801–2221
Czech version of conference proceedings: ISSN 1801–2213

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