24th Annual Conference on Professional Information Resources

May 29-30, 2018, Prague

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What Researchers Want in 2018: Understanding the Evolving Information Needs of Researchers


Agnieszka Studencka

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A 2017 ProQuest study asked researchers to identify the kinds of sources they used in their research, with the objective to better understand what sources of information are being used in research. The results showed that while traditional peer-reviewed journal content remains a staple resource, researchers increasingly rely on using a mix of content types and students are being encouraged to consult a breadth of resources including ebooks, dissertations, video, newspapers and more.

Now in 2018, ProQuest is expanding the research to reveal the latest trends in use of content types and how this differs across subjects, geographical regions, and level of study.

The paper was presented by Agnieszka Studencka and Krassimira Anguelova.

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  • Krassimira Anguelova, Alexander Street, a ProQuest Company


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