24th Annual Conference on Professional Information Resources

May 29-30, 2018, Prague

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Books Are the Best Medicine for All Ages


Jindra Planková
Silesian University in Opava - Faculty of Philosophy and Science in Opava - The Institute of Computer Science

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The beginning of the third millennium is associated with information chaos as well as economic and social progress that are not evenly distributed. The new century and new prospects for the future development of information society invoke in people anxiety from the unknown and deliver hope of finding sufficient answers. People with a sense of responsibility turned their attention to the goals and the tools of education that always brought about the ongoing process of improvement and the means of shaping personalities and building relationships among individuals, groups and peoples. Permanent education and development of both individuals and societies includes the period from preschool education to today's incre­asingly extensive education in senior age.

Major changes are taking place in the field of information education, where the rational processes and ways of working to make modern life accessible to all, regardless of age, gender or health, are sought. One way to work effectively with those who can be excluded from the development of modern society (i.e. children, youth and seniors) is to work with text, books and reading.

The aim of the paper is to find effective possibilities in the creation, processing and practical use of the book in traditional and electronic form, especially in the information education of seniors in libraries. The basis will be the determination and exact specification of the study and information needs of seniors, which must be seen from the point of view of completely individual and often unique differences. The result of the paper will be the concept of gerontobibliot­herapy, as an important method of working with seniors in libraries and information institutions.

About author

PhDr. Jindra Planková, Ph.D. was born in Vítkov on 19th of December 1973. She graduated master’s programme in Librarianship and Information science at the Charles University in Prague. In the year 2007 passed doctorate viva voce examination and in the year 2008 finished doctoral study in Information science at Charles University in Prague.

She was employed 5 years in the Central University Library of Silesian University in Opava as a special librarian. From the year 2003 was employed as an assistant at the Department of Informatics at Silesian University in Opava.

She is actively engaged in electronic document delivery services, new information services, Open Access to scientific information, special information sources and services, digital library and electronic archives and repositories.


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