24th Annual Conference on Professional Information Resources

May 29-30, 2018, Prague

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Gale Reference Complete – Maximize Your E-resources


Carolyn Beckford
Gale, A Cengage Company

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Wondering how transitional politics is offering solutions for women’s health? Interested in the Pope’s personal knowledge of the treatment of European Jews during World War II?

Perhaps you want to dig deeper into the most populous country and most dynamic trade market in the world, modern China? Or, maybe you’d like to learn more about Franz Kafka and his work during the 20th Century?

Gale Reference Complete allows you to do just that.

Unrivalled in terms of volume, authoritativeness and currency. Gale are excited to provide subscription access to the largest package of primary and secondary sources available to libraries today, for the very first time.

This talk will showcase this brand-new collection and allow you to learn more about empowering your users at all academic levels, from the undergraduate student to the experienced researcher.

About author

Carolyn Beckford is the UK and European Trainer for Gale. She holds a PhD in Education and has worked several years in American universities before moving to the UK.

She is passionate about teaching and learning, as well as supporting students with access to quality, academic content that advances their research.

Carolyn enjoys helping customers discover primary source content that can be used in research and teaching.


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