24th Annual Conference on Professional Information Resources

May 29-30, 2018, Prague

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What Do I Need to Take Advantage of Changes?


Marcela Leugnerová
Masaryk university - Faculty of Social Studies - Department of Psychology

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In the library, as well as in any other workplace, people who have the „right equipment“ cope with all the work better. In the lecture you will learn about five competencies of „ideal“ worker. The combination of the prerequisites of all these competences is the basis for being efficient at work, having good results, being satisfied and being able to face all the challenges in workplace.

The aim of the lecture is to give you space to think about the advantages that you have in these areas and what you could do to be more satisfied at work and to do your job well. Knowledge of competencies can also be useful for thinking about other people and working with them (if you are managing them as a leader or you're communicating with them when providing services).

About author

I have a psychology degree at the Faculty of Social Studies at MU, where I am currently studying in doctoral studies focusing on the use of psychology in the working environment. I participate in the teaching of personnel psychology, organizational psychology, selection methods and development. In the research I specialize in how the self-presentation of a selection participant influences his/her performance. In addition to doctoral studies, I work in Duality, s. r. o., which focuses on selection and development of people. I focus on actions aimed at identifying people's leadership potential and development of the communication skills needed to ensure that the superiors succeed in delivering performance and maintain good relationships with the people they lead. I also had the opportunity to use my knowledge and experience in working with libraries at the Faculty of Social Studies and the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University.


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