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29. - 30. května 2018, Praha

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Klasifikační systém OSNO používaný v institucionálních repozitářích západobalkánských univerzit


Jelena Đurđulov
University of Belgrade - University Library "Svetozar Marković"

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In the frame of Tempus project „New library services at Western Balkan Universities“ (2010–2013) digital repositories on universities in three Western Balkan countries were established. Since the institutional repositories of the universities were designed for archiving digital objects in all fields of science, the need for single classification scheme has emerged.

Classification system OSNO (General Scheme of Scientific Fields) has been developed by the team of librarians at the University library Svetozar Markovic in Belgrade and incorporated in the institutional repository of the University of Belgrade PHAIDRA BG, as well as in institutional repositories of the Universities of Kragujevac and Nis. It has also been used by Universities in neighboring countries: Montenegro (University in Podgorica) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Universities in Sarajevo and Tuzla). The scheme is addition to the initial application based on PHAIDRA system developed at the University of Vienna.

Classification scheme OSNO is mandatory for scientific objects because it enables comprehensive information retrieval. A general scheme of sciences and scientific areas presented in natural language has been developed in order to make entry of content descriptions of scientific documents easier for users. At the moment librarians are uploading documents, mostly doctoral theses into institutional repositories. OSNO is user-oriented scheme, designed upon the notion that it will be used not only by librarians, but by researchers as well.

This paper presents classification scheme OSNO and information retrieval system which uses specific scientific areas from a drop-down menu as the search criteria.

O autorovi

Jelena Đurđulov is a library adviser in University library Svetozar Markovic in Belgrade. She has a degree in chemical engineering from the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University in Belgrade. Employed in University library Svetozar Markovic in Belgrade since 1998 in Cataloging department, she works on cataloging and classification of library materials in the fields of science and engineering. In TEMPUS NLSWBU project (2010–2013) she participated as a member of the team for developing classification scheme incorporated in the digital institutional repository of the University of Belgrade PHAIDRA BG and since 2013 also uploads doctoral theses in the repository. Author of several Library`s exhi­bitions. Author and coordinator of the project for preservation and promotion of Special collection of Michael Pupin financed by the Ministry of Culture and Information of Republic of Serbia (2015) and editor of its accompanying publication (2016). She also cooperates in Austrian Library in Belgrade.


  • Nemanja Žikić, University of Belgrade - University library "Svetozar Marković"


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