Veřejný přístup k dokumentům o EU

Sekce: Informační zdroje a služby ve světle vstupu České republiky do Evropské unie
Autor: Michael Duero, European Court of Auditors; Lucembursko 
Plný text (PDF)
Abstrakt: One major impact of the EU accession from the Czech information professionals’ point of view will be the entitlement to public access to European Parliament, Council and Commission documents. With a rising level of awareness and interest, and a growing need to consult the Institutions’ documents for several reasons, the citizens and small and medium enterprises will direct their request primarily to their local information professionals, with the - somehow legitimate - expectation for guidance and help. The speech gives a short overview over the tools and instruments facilitating access to information concerning the Institutions and offers a closer look at the legal basis for access to documents. In this context Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001* is considered a document of central importance and will be presented in detail. Principles of the regulation will be worked out and some case law from the European Court of Justice will be used to raise awareness of the exceptions from the general rule of granting public access to documents. At the end of the presentation the Institutions’ distinction between access to documents and access to information may be discussed.

* Regulation 2001/1049/EC; published in OJ 2001 L 145/43

O autoru: Michael Duero has a degree in librarianship as well as in information science and has been working on the improvement of the information services and document management of in the European Court of Auditors since 2000.
Previously he held a post as researcher at the Die Deutsche Bibliothek / Frankfurt (German National Library) in the project CARMEN (Content Analysis, Retrieval and Metadata: Effective Networking). Prior to that he worked as a researcher at the Institute for Telematics /Trier on electronic publishing.
Having being involved in library work since 1992 in libraries of all sizes, his research interest focuses on metadata as well as on European Information. He has been publishing, teaching and lecturing in these fields, i.a. at the Faculty for Information Science at the Saarland University, the School for Librarianship (Frankfurt) and for EUROLIB, the professional network of libraries of the European Institutions and Agencies. In addition he is taking a Masters course in European Legal Studies run by the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) in co-operation with the universities in Nancy and Thessaloniki.

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