Sběr a archivace elektronických zdrojů v Litvě - vznik virtuální knihovny

Sekce: Digitální knihovny: brány do naší minulosti
Autor: Remigijus Jodelis, The National Library of Lithuania; Litva 
Plný text (PDF)
Abstrakt: In November 2002 the National Library of Lithuania started the LIBIS Electronic Resources Subsystem, consisting of NEDLIB harvester and supplementary modules in LIBIS (the Lithuanian Integrated Library Information System), designated to create the Archive of Electronic Resources.

The first harvesting cycles of Lithuanian web space showed the following results:

  • stable performance of harvesting software * varying amounts of data distributed among different categories of websites
  • incapability of harvester to handle dynamic web content
  • poor quality of metadata provided by publishers
  • relevance of additional gathering of perodic publications

This shows the need for further improvements of web harvesting software and use of subsidiary strategies to obtain a reasonable image of Lithuanian digital resources in the National Library. Also it is important to promote the use of unified metadata system (such as DublinCore) among publishers for marking web content.

Our further developments towards creating a digital library include:

  • cataloguing of selected electronic resources to include them in national bibliography database
  • preparing to provide access to the ER archive for library visitors
  • steps towards web portal with extended information services and access to the Archive of Electronic Resources
O autoru: Professional experience:
* From 05/1998 to 06/2002 - computer systems administrator at Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Vilnius.
* From 09/2000 to 06/2001 - teaching assistant in Faculty of Mathematics, Vilnius University. Course in computing methods.
* From 06/2002 till now - system administrator in the National Library of Lithuania and administrator of Electronic Resources Project. Main duties: coordination of electronic resources,

Academic background:
1999 - B.A. in Vilnius University, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics.
2001 - M.A. in Vilnius University, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics.
10/2001 to 06/2002 - Hindi language certificate course in Central Hindi Institute, Agra (India).
07/1999 - 2nd Diploma in International Mathematics Olympiad for University Students, Hungary.
Spoken languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian.

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