Nové způsoby ochrany a záchrany kulturního dědictví v digitálním světě

Sekce: Digitální knihovny: brány do naší minulosti
Autor: Nerute Kligiene, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics; Litva 
Plný text (PDF)
Abstrakt: In our rapidly developing technological environment, people are coming to rely more and more on databases and networks to access information. To meet this demand, cultural heritage institutions particularly have to rethink traditional approaches to managing and disseminating information about their collections. They have to think about the sustainability of their collections. Digital technologies have added new means to preserve of cultural heritage – safeguarding it in digital space. Multimedia technologies open the door to new multimedia business, and an electronic system of multimedia rights clearance is necessary.

The prototype has to be created in order to demonstrate multimedia data base operability on digital acquisition and archiving, transfer and presentation of unique multimedia items as well as prove the benefits of interactive delivery. This is to stimulate the multimedia content industry to exploit new business opportunities and establish a European platform for information clearing and exploitation, for the transition “from scribe to screen” in cultural heritage and for the latest EU program - eContent action to provide a bridge between companies in the digital content area and potential investors.

O autoru: Nerute Kligiene (PhD in mathematics, Associate Professor) is graduated from the Vilnius University and obtained her degree at the same University (1973). She is a senior research assistant at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics. Associate Professor lecturing statistical analysis at the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and e-publishing at the Communication faculty, Vilnius University. The author of more than 70 scientific papers and a textbook for students, the leader of multimedia projects and of an intensive Digital Publishing program for the humanities, an expert on digital publishing, involved into evaluation process of several European Multimedia Contests.

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