13. Konference o profesionálních informačních zdrojích

Detaily příspěvku konference

Evropská digitální knihovna a obdobné projekty ve světě

Koordinátor: Adolf Knoll, Národní knihovna České republiky, Praha

Kdy a kde: 23. 5. 2007, 8.30 - 12.00, Nová aula

Z evropské knihovny do evropské digitální knihovny

Autor: Jill Cousins, The European Library, Nizozemí


The European Library provides an integrated point of access to the combined resources (books, magazines, journals... - both digital and non-digital) of the National Libraries of Europe. In under 2 years it has included the digital and non digital collections of 23 National Libraries and aims by the end of 2008 to have created access to all 47 members of CENL (Conference of European National Librarians). The European Library is owned by CENL and has a management structure enabling full participation, sustainability and quick decisions. For these reasons and the technical infrastructure created to enable item level searching across national libraries, The European Library has been asked to help build a European digital library. This European digital library goes beyond national libraries aiming to include all digital cultural heritage collections contained in archives, museums and libraries across Europe. The speech will outline what has been done and what needs to be done to achieve this goal. It will highlight the challenges ahead and try to give a road map for moving from The European Library to a European digital library.

O autorovi:

Jill Cousins is Director of The European Library. She took over from the TEL project and created the operational service The European Library. The success so far of this service has led to the European Union giving their strategic backing to The European Library for the creation of the European digital library. She has a strong web publishing background, having worked for VNU as their European Business Development Director and then transferred the lessons learnt from commercial business-to-business publishing to scholarly publishing working for Blackwell Publishing and several other academic publishers in the UK. Prior to a publishing career, she worked in the online environment for many years, first as a researcher with her own company First Contact (now owned by Thomson). After selling this company Jill worked as the Event & Marketing Director for Online Information. Now combining the skills of web publishing, marketing, research knowledge and business development she heads the growing www.TheEuropeanLibrary.org. Jill holds a Geography degree and a Ph.D in 16th Century Arabic and Turkish Sea Charts.

Ostatní příspěvky v sekci

Projekt i2010: snadný přístup k evropskému kulturnímu a vědeckému dědictví

Autor: Javier Hernandez-Ros, European Commission, Lucembursko

Směrem k evropské digitální knihovně: správa kulturního dědictví v národních knihovnách

Autor: Zinaida Manžuch, Vilnius University, Litva

Národní digitální knihovna: portál pro zpřístupnění elektronických informačních zdrojů

Autor: Chi-ju Lee, National Library of Korea

Stručná analýza vývoje digitálních zdrojů a služeb v Národní knihovně Číny a projekt národní digitální knihovny

Autor: Wei Dawei, National Library of China, Čína

ENRICH: Budujeme evropskou digitální knihovnu rukopisů

Autor: Adolf Knoll, Národní knihovna České republiky, Praha


Stanislav Psohlavec / AiP Beroun