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Electronic Resources in the Digital Age

Session coordinator: Petra Štogrová Jedličková, Charles University in Prague - Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Czech Republic

Where: 27. 5. 2009, 14.15 - 17.30, Auditorium D

Digital Portfolio as a Professional Development Tool

Autor: Dominik Fellner, St. John´s College - Teachers´ Training College, Czech Republic



Digital portfolio is not just a well established form of company presentation. It serves as an on-line CV allowing a detailed outline of one’s professional growth, open for editing and actualisation at any time; it serves as a tool for sharing ideas, materials and work results in form of texts, audiovisual files as well as links with multileveled system of safety measures; due to its archival and aggregation features it provides its user with significantly enhanced job mobility – all you need to chance a job is a net connection, login and password; due to its monitoring potential it serves as a tool for personal and professional development; last but not least it offers a solid background for unlimited virtual team creation. With Web2.0 all these functions have become an easy and available reality for open public. The presentation will be focused on single digifolio aspects, their mutual cohesion, the privacy settings the owner may exercise and the possibility of on-line co-operation with practically anyone in the world.

About author:

Dominik Fellner (* 1975) has been teaching theory of digital portfolio and English language at Svatojánská kolej – teachers´ training college since 2006 and since 2008 at Publicity college as well. He studied English and music at Charles University. During his career at Svatojánská kolej he became a partner of three-year European Comenius project Digifolio where he participated on preparation of a training course held in Portugal in 2007 and he was part of the organising committee of Helsinki Digifolio conference in 2008. In September he presented the dissemination of the project at Vienna Learning Teacher’s Network conference. He is also a member of an expert team of Research Institute of Pedagogy where he co-operates on creating a digital portfolio within a community section of methodic portal.

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