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Session coordinator: Martin Lhoták, Academy of Sciences Library, Czech Republic

Where: 27. 5. 2009, 14.15 - 17.25, Vencovsky Aula

Ontology in Memory Institutions. Vision or Reality

Autor: Nadežda Andrejčíková, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava - Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies, Slovak Republic



Fantastic information richness that is concealed in memory institutions isn’t possible enumerate in money. These treasures are getting out of mind in present-day technologies and so-called google generation environment. It is necessary find out the way how to our cultural heritage take on surface of web– it means, put it “under the user nose”. There is the analysis of rules and instruments for memory institutions information resources building in the introduction of paper. The analysis is concerned, among other things, on content of information resources and describes their common and different components. Common ontology scheme is form on the base of this analysis. Ontology can help to make easier creation and modification of information resources in future time and also help significantly in access of cultural heritage. The system for filling up ontology from selected information resources is described in final part of the paper, likewise instruments for ontology upkeeping and next widening.

About author:

Author graduated at the Slovak University of Agriculture, division:Management information system. She worked as programmer-analyst in PVT company in Czech republic. She established her own companies --- Cosmotron Bohemia,Czech republic and Cosmotron Slovakia, in Slovakia. She is the director and owner of the companies, implementation and consultant of the international standards for data processing and imformation access in the memory institutions, she is also a member of the Slovak librarians association. These companies are dealing with –programmer-analyst of librarian software,librarian and database expert and they are into analysis,development,implementation and administration of library system- Advanced Rapid Library in Czech and Slovak republic. And this Advanced Rapid Library is dedicated for administration and management of the information in the memory institutions.

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