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Matching Content with User Intent

Session coordinator: Martin Lhoták, Academy of Sciences Library, Czech Republic

Where: 27. 5. 2009, 14.15 - 17.25, Vencovsky Aula - a Gateway to Resource in the World's Libraries

Autor: Vivien Cook, OCLC EMEA, the Netherlands



OCLC recently embarked on a major initiative in direct response to the challenge of "matching content with user intent" and making such content "more findable". To understand this intiative one must accept today's behaviour and expectations of the typical web and library user, the downward trend in the usage of library websites and the significant increase of search engine use as opposed to authoritative licensed content. OCLC's strategy to assist both libraries and content producers to remain relevant in the end user web space is the driving force behind, a permanent web destination providing free, public access to the collections of more than 11,000 libraries worldwide. Addressing the needs of the end user, provides a single search box, faceted browsing, relevancy ranking, evaluative content and common social networking features. OCLC recently made significant enhancements to with the addition of article-level records from Bowker, the British Library, Elsevier, MLA and H.W. Wilson with future, new partnerships planned. Such metadata is then discoverable via a customised view, WorldCat Local, which enables a single search of a library's physical, digital and electronic resources. Future plans include the integration of multiple econtent formats; FirstSearch, ECO, NetLibrary, ArchiveGrid, CAMIO, eliminating the need for multple platform access.

About author:

Vivien Cook, BA (Hons) Librarianship OCLC Regional Account Manager for Eastern Europe and Sales Specialist for WorldCat and associated services, I have 13 years experience with OCLC responsible for all our products and services. Prior to joing OCLC I spent several years in employment with alternative Library Management System Suppliers and Swets.

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