24. ročník konference o profesionálních informačních zdrojích

29. - 30. května 2018, Praha

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Pavel Kocourek

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With 9.6 billion people in the world by 2050, Proagrica, a RELX company, is focused on enabling the agriculture industry to feed the world more sustainably into the future. Evidence-based production, a method of farming that embraces technology and utilizes data to improve on-farm production, is at the heart of Agility, Proagrica’s new data analytics platform, bringing critical insight to support higher-yielding and more efficient farming practices.

The case study will show how Proagrica provides in-season analytics displaying crop protection, planting, and nutrition operations across UK farms. This allows for in-depth analysis based on crop, soil type, region, cropping stage, and much more, enabling UK farmers to identify trends, threats, and opportunities as they occur.

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Pavel Kocourek, Accenture


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