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Evaluation and Electronic Information Resources

Session coordinator: Ivana Laiblová Kadlecová, Academy of Sciences Library, Czech Republic

Where: 28. 5. 2009, 13.30 - 17.05, Auditorium D

Evaluation of Publication Activities at the First Medical Faculty in the Context of Actual Scientific Work Evaluation in accordance with the Register of Scientific Informations. Results, Expectations, Specifications

Autor: Aleš Žák, Charles University in Prague - 1st Medical Faculty, Czech Republic


Hana Skálová, Jana Patočková, Marek Vecka - Charles University in Prague - 1st Medical Faculty, Czech Republic



The evidence of publication activities of authors of the First Faculty of Medicine have a long tradition. First Faculty of Medicine was one of the first who didn’t just archive, but together evaluated in accordance with internal criteria. Developement of the internal evaluated system was very intensive, its results are presented as a part of annual report of the faculty.

The financial evaluation of science and research in the Czech Republic is awaiting changes. Council for reseach and development has built new system of financial valuation of scientific outputs. That’s why we need to adjust the internal parameters of information and bibliographical systems as soon as possible. The report presents current situation at the First Faculty of Medicine and presumed development.

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