Novinky z nabídky K.G. Saur/Gale

Sekce: Trendy a novinky v nabídce elektronických informačních zdrojů
Autor: Ulrike Engel, K.G. Saur Verlag / A Gale Group - Thomson Learning Company; Německo 
Abstrakt: K.G. Saur / Gale, the largest reference publisher in the world, offers a multitude of electronic resources for libraries, schools and businesses. This presentation will focus on recently released products and new developments to integrate resources into existing infrastructures and thus make them better accessible.
New products include:
  • “The English Language Bibliography 1945 to the Present” is the largest bibliographical database of its kind as it lists over 12 million books and serials in the English language incl. CIP records
  • “The Times Digital Archive 1785 - 1985”, the full digitisation of The Times newspaper, is an outstanding social history research tool
  • The new “Business & Company Resource Center” offers excellent search possibilities for all kinds of business related questions
  • The “International Bibliography of the Modern Language Association (MLA)” is now available in the well-known InfoTrac Web search interface New developments include:
  • Partnership between Gale and ingenta to seamlessly access up to 10.000 full text electronic journals in the InfoTrac Web interface
  • OpenURL and SFX linking
  • Cross-product searching
O autoru: Solutions Consultant, KG Saur Verlag / Gale, a Thomson Learning Company

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