SpringerLink - co se skrývá za elektronickými časopisy

Sekce: Trendy a novinky v nabídce elektronických informačních zdrojů
Autor: Ulrike Lengwenat, Springer-Verlag; Německo 
Abstrakt: SpringerLink, Springer-Verlag’s online information service for scientific, technical, and medical information provides electronic access to over 430 journals and 1600 books. And the number of books is steadily increasing. Springer’s e-books are principally in the following subject areas: chemistry, computer science, engineering, geoscience, life sciences, mathematics and physics. Subscribers and non-subscribers alike enjoy free access to the tables of contents and abstracts. Among the series are Landolt-Börnstein, the unique, top-quality data collection containing a systematic and comprehensive collection of critically, assessed data from all fields of physics, physical chemistry, geophysics, astronomy, biophysics and the new group Adanced Materials and Technologies.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science with over 1000 volumes online is the platform for one of the world’s most authoritative computer science research funds. It reports the latest results in computing, information technology research, development and education. The complete content – 135 000 pages – is fully indexed and searchable.

The SpringerLink Online First service enables users to access peer reviewed articles well before print publication. This gives researchers a competitive edge within the industry.

Customized consortia and online-only licences are available and subject to negotiation. Contact us for detailed information and visit our product presentation.

Websites: SpringerLink: http://link.springer.de
E-books: http://link.springer.de/ol/index.htm/
Contact: Gertraud Griepke, Director Journals/SpringerLink, Tiergartenstr. 17, 69121 Heidelberg, Germany, e-mail: griepke@springer.de

O autoru: Ulrike joined the SpringerLink Team in 1996 when the online information service was launched. She first worked within Customer Service before she moved into Marketing. Today she is working as Marketing Executive for SpringerLink and it’s electronic products.
Ulrike has a 13-year-long track record with Springer-Verlag in editorial and marketing department.
She was trained in marketing and English.

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