Integrovaná řešení pro knihovny: správa seriálů a monografií

Sekce: Trendy a novinky v nabídce elektronických informačních zdrojů
Autor: Kai-Henning Gerlach, R.R. Bowker; Německo
Spoluautoři: Yne Hogetoorn, R.R. Bowker 
Abstrakt: R.R. Bowker will demonstrate a selection of the key features that have recently been added to Bowker’s online bibliographic & serials databases - Global Books in Print and Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory. These newly developed tools help all users to manage, locate, and directly access their electronic and print holdings.
O autoru: (1) Kai-Henning Gerlach runs his own sales and marketing company, representing among others, R.R. Bowker. The Bowker operations focus on the markets of German-speaking, Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, the company runs worldwide sales activities for a number of publishers and information providers.
10 years of job experience in international publishing. Kai-Henning has a Master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies. Languages: German, English, Arabic.
(2) Yne Hogetoorn studied Book & Publishing at the English Department of the Leiden University, the Netherlands and at Kingston upon Hull University. She worked 4 years in the Dutch publishing company, Kluwer Law International as editor and as assistant publisher.
For the last 2 years Yne has been sales manager at the R. R. Bowker Representative Office in Berlin. Her main market focus is Central and Eastern Europe. Languages: Dutch, English, German, French.

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