Aspekty přístupu a využití informací v elektronické podobě v oblasti výzkumu v Estonsku a dalších přidružených zemích

Sekce: Trendy a novinky v nabídce elektronických informačních zdrojů
Autor: Toomas Liivamägi, Tartu University Libray; Estonsko
Spoluautoři: Aira Lepik, PhD, Department of Information Studies and Doctoral School of Social Sciences at Tallinn Pedagogical University; Estonia 
Plný text (PDF)
Abstrakt: The paper will examine the factors influencing the use of electronic research information in the so-called countries in transition – mainly in Estonia, but also in other Eastern and Central European countries.

The use of electronic research information is favoured by the accessibility of information and communication technologies, the most important factor being the number of computers and Internet connections.

A crucial factor in purchasing electronic research databases is the existence of interlibrary consortia – the experience and skill in different forms of co-operation furthered by such institutions. Stable supporting of libraries by the state, budgeting and other support mechanisms guarantee the success of libraries in making electronic research materials accessible.

Explosive growth in the volume of information has laid stress on the importance of information literacy and drawn attention to the need of training the users of databases, as well as the librarians, who make these materials available.

In the user comparison made in the presentation, the author has applied the user statistics of EBSCO database, purchased to a number of transition countries via the eIFL project with the support of OSI in recent years.

O autoru: Name: Toomas Liivamägi
Born: Feb. 04, 1959, Tartu, Estonia
Tartu University Library, Director since June 1999;
Tartu University Library, Deputy Director, 1996-1999;
The Educational Department of Tartu Town Government, 1995-1996;
In 1982 I graduated from Tartu University
Professional experience:
My task at the Educational Department of the Tartu Town Government was to work out the preliminary conditions for the creation of a unified information system. At Tartu University Library my responsibilities included the implementing of the information system and the reorganisation and modernisation of the structure of the library.
Other professional and organisational activities:
I am a member of the council of Estonian Library Network (ELNET Consortium), a member of IT Commission of Tartu University, the Estonian co-ordinator of the EC project DIEPER, a member of task forces for eIFL project, a member of standing committee of Section of University Libraries and Other General Research Libraries Section of IFLA (2001 - 2005).

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