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Sekce: Přechod od klasických k elektronickým médiím: možnosti koexistence a hranice využívání
Autor: Annemarie Koot, Elsevier Science ; Holandsko 
Abstrakt: ScienceDirect, the world's largest provider of scientific, technical and medical information, is an open platform offering its subscribers desktop access to more than 2 million full-text articles. Coverage includes over 1,500 journals published by Elsevier Science and dynamic linking to journals from around 120 leading STM publishers through CrossRef. An expanding suite of scientific full text and abstract databases in a rich linking environment provides subscribers with increasingly flexible and extensive access to the world's published STM literature.

The commitment to stay one step ahead with ScienceDirect can be shown in perspective with the Czech and Slovak ScienceDirect consortium license which was closed in 2000. The value added to the platform since that time is incredible; not only with respect to the number of full-text articles but also huge investments were made in databases, navigators, Major Reference Works and historical backfiles a/o. ScienceDirect is a division of Elsevier Science (www.elsevier.com) and part of the Reed Elsevier plc group (www.reed-elsevier.com).

O autoru: Annemarie Koot; Sr. Account Manager for Elsevier Science. Covering Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hugary and the Czech and Slovak Republic. Prior to Elsevier working as Sales Manager in the ICT for leading software and hardware companies. International Economical background.

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