13. Konference o profesionálních informačních zdrojích

Detaily příspěvku konference

Integrace elektronických knih do nabídky informačních služeb

Koordinátor: Filip Vojtášek, Albertina icome Praha s.r.o.

Kdy a kde: 24. 5. 2007, 9.00 - 12.05, Posluchárna D

ebrary: jedna platforma pro elektronické zdroje, mnoho cest pro jejich využití

Autor: Mohamad Al-Baghdadi, ebrary, USA


ebrary® has been serving the global library market since 1999, and we currently have more than 1,000 customers around the world, representing more than 6.8 million patrons.

We have developed a single eContent platform that addresses a number of needs. Libraries may use the ebrary platform to acquire authoritative content from leading publishers under their choice of payment and access models, and they may distribute their own PDF content online.

All documents in the ebrary platform can be cross-referenced, are full-text searchable, and integrate with other digital resources in the library and on the web through the ebrary Reader™ and InfoTools™ software.

Key benefits of the ebrary platform:

  • Affordable pricing

  • Flexible pricing models: subscription, ownership, or a combination

  • Flexible access models

  • Streamlined ordering process

  • Ability to integrate with other digital resources in the library

  • Ability to integrate with information on the web

  • Option to use ebrary’s integrated platform for a library’s own PDF content

  • All documents in the ebrary platform can be cross-referenced and are full-text searchable

  • 24x7 access * InfoTools enhances the research process

  • Usage reports show how content is being used while protecting end-user privacy

  • Hosted solution eliminates overhead and storage costs

O autorovi:

Mr. Al-Baghdadi is an experienced entrepreneur and the founder of the Mid-East Environmental Trading Company Ltd. (METCO). Prior to joining ebrary, he led METCO in marketing U.S. environmental technologies in the Middle East and Africa. Under his leadership, METCO grew from a one-man operation to a company with direct and affiliate offices in fourteen countries in the Middle East and Africa. Its activities ranged from importing and marketing energy efficient industrial lighting to developing and managing government funded solid waste treatment plants. After selling the business in 1998 to Al Ershadia, a Saudi Arabian holding company with subsidiaries throughout the Middle East, Europe and Asia, he remained as Managing Director.

In 1999 Mr. Al-Baghdadi was appointed Vice President of Business Development for Al Ershadia and CEO of its US venture arm, Zain Technology Ventures.

Mr. Al-Baghdadi holds a B.S. in Systems and Control Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and an MBA from Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management.

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