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Practical Aspects of Using Electronic Resources in Companies Knowledge Management

Session coordinator: Dagmar Vránová, European Projects & Management Agency (EPMA), Czech Republic

Where: 28. 5. 2009, 8.45 - 12.25, Auditorium D

How Information Sources Can Help in Times of Crisis?

Autor: Petr Dudek, Unipetrol Services Ltd., Czech Republic



The paper deals with information sources that can help businesses in crisis. It focuses on sources as commercial (paid), as well as selected "free" resources (such as resources provided by government). Regional is limited to a sources with the commercial-economic and legal issues, covering the European market with a special focus on Central Europe. The author discusses the areas in which you can successfully use external resources to support trade or risk management. The presented information sources are not only described, but autor also assessments the quality of their content, the possibilities of using and the overall benefit to the business. For sources and methods presented can be inspired by every business - from the smallest to large corporations - because good information may not be always expensive.

About author:

Petr Dudek (1964) graduated from the Prague Institute of Chemical Technology at the Inorganic Technology Department. He worked there for three years as a postgraduate and later as an assistant and participated in learning the chemical kinetics and the information technology. From 1992 to 1995 years he worked at SPOLANA, a.s. company at the chemical engineering and strategic departments. He helped there establish the information department. In this time he received the marketing training at CMC Celakovice and another training for searching at database centers NIS CR, Data-Star, Dialog and STN International. From 1996 – 2007 years he worked at UNIPETROL, a.s. company as information analyst. From 2008 works in the same positron at Unipetrol Services s.r.o. copany. At Unipetrol he supervises share holding information sources, manages development and operation internal information system for Unipetrol Group competitive intelligence, manages training databases users and analyze information for holding needs.

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