Proceedings 2016

INFORUM 2016: 22nd Annual Conference on Professional Information Resources, Prague 24–25 May 2016 [online]. Praha: Albertina icome Praha, 2016. Available at: ISSN 1801–2221.

Previous Year's Proceedings

Adlerová Iva

What is the Real Impact of Predatory Journals on Academic Publishing?

(Co-authors:  Lenka Němečková, Czech Technical University in Prague - Central Library)

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Antonic Sanja

Multilingual Vocabularies in Open Access: Semantic Network WordNet

(Co-authors:  Oja Krinulovic, Mile Stijepović, University of Belgrade, University library "Svetozar Marković")

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Damborská Lenka

Mobile Apps for the Kramerius Digital Library

(Co-authors:  Petr Žabička, Moravian Library in Brno)

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Kotouček Jiří

Czech National Strategy of Open Access to Scientific Information

(Co-authors:  Jana Kratěnová, Technology Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)

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Moravcová Jitka

Evaluation: What Does it Mean for Research, Development and Innovation System

(Co-authors:  Daniel Munich, CERGE-EI and Vlastimil Růžička, The Technology Centre ASCR )

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Poltronieri Elisabetta

ECDL HealthDoc: The First European Driving License for Scientific Documentation

(Co-authors:  Gaetana Cognetti, Regina Elena, National Cancer Research Institute - Digital Library )

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Popovic Aleksandra

Open Science on Wikipedia: Libraries’ Activities in Serbia

(Co-authors:  Sanja Antonic, Oja Krinulovic and Djordje Stakic, University of Belgrade)

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Šír Filip

Šubová Jana

The INTERMI Project

(Co-authors:  Marie Balíková, National Library of the Czech Republic, Miroslav Kunt, National Archives, Nadežda Andrejčíková, Cosmotron Bohemia, s.r.o.)

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Tesaříková Březinová Eva

Librarians for Seniors

(Co-authors:  Radka Lukášová, Alexandra Vančurová, Charles University in Prague - Faculty of Science)

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Tonakiewicz-Kołosowska Anna

Žabička Petr Closer to Production

(Co-authors:  Petra Žabičková and Martin Kravec, The Moravian Library in Brno )

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