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May 24–26, 2011, Prague

Proceedings 2011

Antonic Sanja

Fostering Open Access Usage by Creation of the Library Aggregator for Europeana: Project Europeana Libraries

(Co-authors:  Jelena Mitrovic, Adam Sofronijevic, University of Belgrade - University Library "Svetozar Markovic", Serbia)

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Bejnar Lukasz

Market of (Un)Limited Possibilities and Building eBook Collection in Academic Library (Case Study)

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Biernátová Olga

Social Media Marketing and Libraries

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Blakeman Karen

Personalisation, Localisation, Semantic Search: Do They Work?

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Bratková Eva

The System of Global Identification of Contents Creators, Producers and Distributors Opens Its Work

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Budínský Lukáš

Xerxes - Tomas Bata University Information Resources Portal

(Co-authors:  Ondřej Fabián, Tomas Bata University in Zlín - Library, Czech Republic)

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Burke Jane

The OPAC Is Dead


Bydžovská Iva

Špalíček: Broadside Prints Digital Library Project

(Co-authors:  Tomáš Psohlavec, AiP Beroun s.r.o., Czech Republic)

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Dixee Barbara

Leveraging Electronic Resources in the Academic and Corporate Sectors


Drobíková Barbora

eBooks and Library Catalogs

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Dyson Marta

10 Years of Online Books - From Print to Digital and Beyond


Fürstová Iveta

The National Repository of Grey Literature Network

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Gondová Daniela

Using of Electronic Information Sources in Trainings at Slovak Universities from the Students´ and Librarians´ Point of View

(Co-authors:  Daniela Džuganová, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice - University Library, Slovakia )

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Helinsky Zuzana

Possibility of Using Return on Investment in the Library World

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Hrčková Ľudmila

CREPČ and CREUČ as a Unique Source of Information on Publication and Art Activities of the Slovak Universities

(Co-authors:  Marta Dušková - Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information, Bratislava, Slovakia)

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Hronová Kateřina

What Do You Find in a Network? The Change of Concept of Relevance Concerning Search Results in Social Networks


Ilavská Jana

Numbers Storytelling or Library Activities from Statistical Point of View

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Jankovská Blanka

Comics and University Library - Do They Match?

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Karen Vladimír

Opening Address


Closing Address


Kocourek Pavel

From the Field of Information Retrieval...

Register of Digitisation and Digital Libraries

Králiková Eva

Creating the Central Database of the Slovak Electronic Information Resources to Support Research and Development, the Portal Solution of Access to Processed Electronic Resources


Kravjar Július

Plagiarism Detection System

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Kroftová Věra

Scientific Agricultural Journals Published in the Czech Republic and Their Position in World Databases

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Kříž Filip

Integrated Searching of Information Resources of the National Medical Library - Challenge of the 21st Century

(Co-authors:  Ondrej Horsak, Lenka Maixnerova, Jana Zindulkova, Adela Jarolimkova, Eva Lesenkova, Helena Bouzkova, National Medical Library, Czech Republic)

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Lauridsen Helle

Discovery - Why the Unified Index Matters?


Lukášová Radka

New and Easy Way of Searching Publications at the Faculty of Science

(Co-authors:  Alena Volková Balvínová, Michal Šatal, Charles University in Prague - Faculty of Science - Scientific Information Department, Czech Republic)

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Machovec George

The Evolving Digital Library and What Must Be Done to Stay Relevant

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Mlynář Jakub

USC Shoah Foundation Institute Visual History Archive and Its Potential in Practice

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Müller Zsuzsanna

Evaluation of the Reliability of Wikipedia

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Murawski Krzysztof

Do Humanities eBooks Get Used?


Nešetřil Kamil

Lecture on Information Resources at the University of Liberec

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Neuroth Michael

Embrace the Future with Elsevier eBooks


Papíková Vendula

COR: Web Tool for Clinical Evidence Retrieval in Cardiology

(Co-authors:  Miroslav Zvolský, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic - Institute of Computer Science - Centre of Biomedical Informatics, Czech Republic)

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Pavlík Jiří

Shibboleth at Uniform Information Gateway

(Co-authors:  Martin Ledínský, Charles University in Prague - Computer Centre, Czech Republic)

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eBooks at Charles University

(Co-authors:  Jana Matějková, Charles University in Prague - Faculty of Arts - Library of Psychological & Socio-cultural Sciences, Czech Republic)

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Petřík Jakub

Consortia Licencing with the Support of Albertina: Coordination - Cooperation - Communication


Planková Jindra

International Trends in „Open Access“ – Institutional Repositories and Their Registers

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Popovic Aleksandra

Statistical Analysis of Citation Results for Researchers in Serbia

(Co-authors:  Sanja Antonic, University of Belgrade - University Library "Svetozar Markovic", Serbia)

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Pospíšilová Jindřiška

100,000 eDocuments Within Reach

(Co-authors:  Hana Nová, National Library of the Czech Republic)

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Psohlavec Stanislav

Manuscriptorium - One Year Later


Ráb Petr

Information Systems Used for the Current Evaluating Process of Institutes of the Academy of Sciences in the Period 2005 to 2009

(Co-authors:  Ivana Laiblová Kadlecová, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic - Academy Council / Leoš Horníček, The Head Office of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)


Renner Roland

Building Search Driven Application with Fast Search for SharePoint


Rešetová Kvetoslava

Assessment of the Knowledge Transfer Academic Library Tools

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Roszkowski Marcin

Using Taxonomies for Knowledge Exploration in Subject Gateways

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Schwarz Daniel

Three Fundamental Principles of the Platform for Sharing Digital Educational Content Among Medical Faculties in the MEFANET Network

(Co-authors:  Martin Komenda, Lenka Šnajdrová, Ladislav Dušek, Masaryk University - Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses / Jaroslav Majerník, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice - Faculty of Medicine / Vladimír Mihál, Palacký University, Olomouc - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry / Stanislav Štípek, Charles University in Prague - First Faculty of Medicine - Institute of Medical Biochemistry, Czech Republic)

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Sklenák Vilém

Semantic Web - 10 Years After

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Soukup Jindřich

Welcome Address

Steinerová Jela

Ecological Information Strategies – New Approach to Concept Modeling

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Stöhr Jiří

Research, Development and Innovation - Evaluation of Results, Administration in the OBD System

(Co-authors:  Petra Niederlová, Josef Hanousek, Ders s.r.o., Czech Republic)

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Sydow Karsten

Gale’s New Learning Environments: Gale’s "In Context" Products and the "Gale Virtual Reference Library"


Šilhánek Jaroslav

Economic Aspects of Access to Scientific Information – Subscription Model or Individual Payments

(Co-authors:  Ludmila Zetková, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague - Central Library, Czech Republic)

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Špála Milan

Information Behaviour and Quantitative Analysis as Basic Procedures to Gain Reliable Scientific Information Presenting Research Results in Primary Resources


Talich Milan

Methods and Techniques of Digitizing and Online Publishing of Old Cartographic Products

(Co-authors:  Filip Antoš, Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography, Czech Republic )

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Trávníček Jiří

Reading in the Digital Age

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Trtíková Ilona

University Library as a Space of Synergy of Academic Community and Library Staff

(Co-authors:  Věra Pilecká, Barbora Ramajzlová, Czech Technical University in Prague - Central Library, Czech Republic)

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Tsihlis John

Early European Books: A Collaborative Approach to Digital Access


Vazačová Alžběta

Call for Support of Scientific Information Resources Planned by MEYS


Vejražka Martin

WikiLectures - A New Form of Collaboration on Educational Texts

(Co-authors:  Čestmír Štuka, Stanislav Štípek, Antonín Šípek, Petr Kajzar, Charles University in Prague - First Faculty of Medicine, Czech Republic)

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Veselá Eliška

The Optimal Structure and the Content of Abstracts in Materials Science and in Information and Library Science

(Co-authors:  Viktor Dobrovolný, Lenka Němečková, Charles University in Prague - Faculty of Arts - Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship, Czech Republic / Alenka Šauperl, University of Ljubljana - Faculty of Arts - Department of Library and Information Science and Book Studies, Slovenia)

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Vojnar Martin

Ex Libris Primo: The Future of a Search Is All about the User Context


vom Orde Heike

‘Digital Natives’ and Online Information Resources: How They Search and What We Offer

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Wilensky Jeff

Evolving Aggregation to Address Researcher Needs


Zuzánková Alena

Saving and Accessing Professional Information Sources from the Field of Wood Processing in the Library of the Pulp and Paper Research Institute

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Žitňanská Mária

To Continue in Centralised EIR Purchase in Slovakia – What Are the Odds?

(Co-authors:  Michal Sliacky, Marián Vaňo - Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information, Bratislava, Slovakia)

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